Biointensive for Russia is a people-to-people agroecology project, fiscally sponsored by Ecology Action (see We promote Grow Biointensive sustainable mini-farming (GB) through publications and workshops hosted by environmental groups and agricultural colleges in Russian-speaking Eurasia. We have also supported mini-farming experiments conducted by our partner organizations the NGO VIOLA and the Grassroots Alliance PERESVET (Bryansk, Russia) -- in and near Russia's Chernobyl radiation zone, as well as by the Alive Earth Center in St. Petersburg and Ecodom, Inc. in Novosibirsk, in past decades.

The publication of the third edition in 2016 of "Kak vyraschivat' bol'she ovoschei...", the Russian translation of How to Grow More Vegetables... by John Jeavons, inspired many workshops for schoolteachers in three northern provinces of Russia, which are featured on this new website. The focus of our work currently is to provide books for as many teachers attending these workshops and others as possible, and possibly even help fund an international workshop. You are welcome to join us in supporting these endeavors!